Ardent: Transcendent

Transcendance2In progress on Wattpad!

Continue the adventure with Captain Flynn and her crew in the sequel to the 2017 Watty winner Ardent!

Earth and Ohatior are still reeling from the planet Plenare’s reckless devastation, leaving them to rebuild from ashes and rubble.

As the new leaders of their people, Aliyn Flynn and Tyr Logan are tasked to discover the truth of their origins and repair the knowledge damaged through centuries of fear and misunderstanding. Their connection remains a mystery, and the only clue to the lineage of their people lies in the Poia System, a distant star system absent from any known charts of the galaxy.

With only a gifted memory to go on, Aliyn and the crew of the Ardent head into uncharted space on the very edge of the Milky Way Galaxy, chasing a message that is no more reality than a distant dream. Will they find the true origin of their people and their connection to each other, or plunge into uncharted space with no way to return?

Science Fiction/Adventure/Romance