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2017 Watty’s Award Winner – The Breakthroughs

It is the year 3014.

The galactic inhabitants of the Milky Way know the dangers of the Reso star system. It’s gas giant, the planet Plenare, terrorizes any ship that dares to approach. Most travellers don’t return, and the few that do are shells of their former selves, babbling nothing but incoherent nonsense.

Reso haunts Captain Aliyn Flynn’s dreams.

After narrowly escaping with their lives, Flynn and her crew return from the system with a derelict ship full of unknown alien technology. Their impressive survival catches the eye of Earth’s government officials, thrusting them into an unexpected and dangerous mission to discover Reso’s secrets.

Complicating matters further, a humanoid alien race assigns the alluring and secretive Tyr Logan to Aliyn’s crew as her executive officer. With the impending extinction of his people, Tyr has no choice but to join the human crew in their suicide mission, hoping to find the answers he seeks.

Despite their many differences, Tyr and Aliyn must come to terms with the deep connection they share to decipher an ancient secret—a secret that holds the key not only to the past but the continued survival of the galaxy they call home.

Science Fiction|Romance|Adventure

“From the beautiful cover art to the deeply engaging plot, Ardent has all the right elements to get you in and keep you hooked. This is what sci fi was meant to be.” @Arrowmancer via

“Never stopped once for a glaring grammar issue or anything out of place. The careful and well-structured plot, not to mention the well-detailed props and characters, make the story what it is.” @wordsinsilk via

“To say that this story is superb and masterful storytelling does not do this book justice.” @BillGrim via

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