Daelynvar’s Key

DsKeyCover2In progress on Wattpad!

18-year-old Maea Daelynvar has a secret.

As the middle child of a prestigious family, Maea has little use or interest for the prospects of marriage and politics. She has little to look forward to other than tedious court life-that is, until she comes face to face with one of the last of the dwindling elves of Sundrean, the mysterious Rhys Boreain.

Rhys Boreain is a traitor to the crown. He needs Maea to complete his mission, but how does a turncoat convince a duke’s daughter to join him? Everyone has secrets, and Rhys is determined to use Maea’s against her. What he never expected was to grow fond of her.

With a tempting offer on the table, Maea is forced to make a choice. Will she remain safe at the palace protected by her title or follow Rhys on a mission that could thrust the kingdom into turmoil and reveal the heartbreaking secrets of the past?


From 2017 Watty Winner Alva Eriksson!